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A new Charles Howes & Son piano will be tuned to A440 pitch before it leaves the factory and should always be tuned to this internationally recognised standard.

New owners will receive the longest life and optimum performance from their new piano if it is looked after properly in the first year. Because it takes some time for any new piano to become thoroughly settled and adjusted to the atmospheric conditions in its new home, proper tuning and servicing are especially important during its first year.

Your piano tuner should check the action and regulate it to compensate for adjustment of new action parts to climate and use.

All new pianos that are kept in normal conditions should be tuned at least three times in the first year and twice in subsequent years for the optimum stability and performance.

Of course the final say on how often you have it tuned is down to you and your tolerance level to its pitch.
A concert piano is tuned before every concert and in a professional recording studio where it is used daily it will be tuned every other day.

A piano is a major investment; it should be protected!


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