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Upright Pianos in the UK & Grand Pianos

  • Almost since the first piano was built, manufacturers have been trying to make it smaller. This has been no easy task, because good tone in a piano requires certain minimums in length of string and size of soundboard.
    First, the size of the original grand piano was cut by the use of stronger frames and an innovative system of cross-stringing, Then, in the late 1800's, the upright or vertical piano was developed, sending the space-consuming bulk of the instrument up along the wall, rather than out across the floor.
    This was so successful that today some larger professional-quality uprights can have equal or better tone quality than many small grands.
  • The grand piano ranges in size from five to nine feet (concert grand). It tends to be more responsive and powerful than a vertical piano; a top-quality grand is the best investment if the pianist is aiming for concert performance, or if space and money are unlimited.

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