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1721 C.G. Schroeter of Germany was established. He was probably the first makers of pianos and actions in Germany.
1760 Zumpe of England made a square piano.
1770 Virbes of France was established..
1770 J.K. Mercken of France was established.
1745 Freferici produced one of the first vertical pianos.
1775 J. Behrent built the first piano in America under the Pianoforte name.
1777 Erard of France makes his first piano.
1783 Hildebrandy of France was established.
1783 Hoffman of France was established.
1788 J. Broadwood enlarged the strings in the square piano; he used two thick strings instead of three thinner ones.
1870 D. Decker received a patent for bending and gluing the cases of grand pianos.
1781 J. Broadwood made the first grand piano.
1794 E. Schlengel built an oval piano.
1796 Erard of France makes his first grand piano.
1797 H. Steinweg was born.
1800 J.J. Hawkins received a patent and was credited with having made the first upright piano in America.
1800 Clementi founded Collards.
1803 Nanette Streicher built a studio piano for Beethoven. Most of his compositions were created on pianos built by her.
1804 G. Hoffman built a symmetrically rounded piano.
1825 A. Babcock received a patent for a one piece cast iron frame.
1827 H. Pape built a piano with the action above the strings.
1828 A. Babcock introduced cross stringing. This caused a senstation at the world exhibition in Paris in 1862.
1828 McKay received a patent for fitting hammer heads.
1828 H. Pape started to use cross stringing.
1830 Loud built an upright with cross stringing.
1832 C. Meyer used an iron frame in a single casting.
1835 H. Steinweg makes his first piano.
1857 H. Steinway received a patent for the overstrung grand.
1860 First census for piano makers was taken in America showning about 110 makers.
1869 U.S.A makers produced 25,000 pianos
1872 C.F.T Steinway recieved a patent for his duplex scale.
1876 Mangeot of France builds a piano with reversible keyboards.
1881 W. Tonk & Bros was established.
1887 Antisell of America recieved a patent for the Wrest plank.
1887 Yamaha was established. They were the first Japanese piano manufacturers.
1888 J. Bluthner developed and patented his aliquot system employing a fourth string in the top sections to vibrate sympathetically.
1889 S. Hansing of America received a patent for a muffler for upright pianos.
1890 Charles Howes was established
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